New live video from the “Russian Tour 2018”

Mind Enemies, the heavy metal project by Giuseppe Caruso, publishes their new live video from the “Russian Tour 2018”  held last July.  The songs are “My world” from the album “Revenge”, plus a brief tribute to the Pantera.

Band Members:
Giuseppe Caruso: Voice and Guitar
Francesco Rinaldi: Bass
Francesco Petrillo: Drum
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The “Mind Enemies”, a solo project by Giuseppe Caruso (voice, guitar) after the recent European tour in Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, continue the promotion of the album “Revenge” with a new tour that this time will take them to Russia, from 5 until July 14th.
Alongside Giuseppe Caruso there will be Francesco Rinaldi on bass (Neka, Superzoo, Rocky Horror F.S., Necrotorture) and Francesco Petrillo on drums (Rocky Horror F.S., Pino Scotto, De Puglia Madre).